Scientific Conference: Women In Tourism

Le Meridien Hotel, Lav, Split, Croatia: April 19th – 21st, 2023

So it was off to Croatia to present Emma and my paper: Embodying Indigeneity in the mountains: Creating inclusive adventure spaces for Welsh women, United Kingdom.

It was fantastic to join such a warm and supportive community of women and men to discuss how we build sustainable approaches to gender in tourism.

Our paper explored the impact of a legacy of gendered exclusion in the Welsh mountains, United Kingdom, and how this is challenged by Welsh women’s participation in outdoor adventure courses. The research critically appraised how Indigenous Welsh women navigate gender, class, and racial landscapes in mountain leisure to create inclusive spaces. Facilitated by a National Charitable Organisation (NCO) that engages Indigenous Welsh communities in mountain adventure, we explored women’s embodied intersectional experiences through mobile video ethnography. Methodologically embodiment facilitated a way of capturing bodily sensations and experiences that provided a language to express those ideas through reflexive analysis. The findings highlight how women embody cultural identity in the mountains, which contributes to understanding issues of exclusion/inclusion in adventure spaces.


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