My curiosity in geography was renewed when I met the wonderful late Professor Steve Watson. Steve reintroduced me to a geographical world by mentoring and supervising my application and award for a doctoral research scholarship at York St John University. Steve changed the course of my life in 2015, as he did many others, and it is thanks to him I am now at the end of that journey having submitted my PhD in September 2018.

Prior to starting my PhD in 2015, I worked for 20 years as a cultural producer and curator in the arts and heritage sector, founding and leading major venues, festivals and cultural development programmes. I have run my own business as a freelance producer and mentored and coached many creative, cultural, digital and food businesses. I have also directed major University public engagement, enterprise and knowledge exchange programme.

I live and work in North Yorkshire and enjoy the mountains and upland areas as often as I can through mountaineering and ultra distance mountain marathons. I am also a member of my local mountain rescue team.



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